Dublin Walls

Dublin City Walls - Noho Ltd.

The City Walls iPhone app offers a unique guide to the medieval history of Dublin City. Using the historic city wall as its framework, it blends graphics, videos, photos and breathtaking 3D animations to bring the medieval world to life like never before.

City Walls functions as a walking tour for city visitors and residents, and a historical guide for anyone interested in the sites, stories and secrets of medieval Dublin, regardless of their location. Based on the popular Medieval Dublin boxset, the app will excite and delight viewers of all ages.

The app has two levels – city view and site view. When users open the app, they begin at the city view level. Here they are presented with a parchment map that traces the line of the old city wall. Towers, gates, prisons and other points of interest are all highlighted. The wall is color-coded to indicate which parts are still standing, which exist but are underground, and which have been destroyed and are only known through historical records. Users can pinch and zoom in to examine the wall and enjoy the style and texture of this parchment-style map.

Using the tabs on the bottom of the screen, users can access two more features in city view. The first is a detailed 3D model of Dublin as it is believed to have looked in 1540. Opening at a bird’s eye view high above the city, users can also pinch and zoom in on this image – right down to rooftop level. They can explore the layout of streets, the size and shape of houses, and the prominence of Dublin’s two cathedrals and its large stone castle.