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Sky News for iPad - BSkyB

Sky News for iPad is a completely new way to put Breaking News in your hands, allowing you to decide what you watch and how you watch it

A world of live events, expert analysis and amazing graphics – all designed specifically for iPad



•Timeline: Follow the day’s news live as it unfolds and unravel key moments from the last 24 hours 
•Top Stories: Keep track of the day’s biggest stories, prioritised by importance 
•Live TV: Watch Sky News TV streaming live in full screen 

CHOICE OF LIVE FEEDS - Watch live events in high quality, even those not running on Sky News TV

DEPTH & ANALYSIS – Explore rich detail, using galleries, graphs, tables, articles and interactive graphics 

LIVE REWIND – Never miss the start of live events. Rewind live video right back to the beginning 

BACKGROUND – Tap on the back story button to watch the events that put stories in context 

NEWS ALERTS – No matter where you are in the app, choose to go straight to the latest Breaking News