Aurasma - Make Posters/Pictures come to life!

Aurasma Lite - Aurasma

This is one of those apps that when I show it to teachers there's often an audible gasp. For such an easy to use app, it's uses are extraordinary. If you are looking for a new and exciting way to engage students, this could be it. You can make lessons and learning more fun by setting video content to emerge from text books, posters, or displays. 

What I really enjoy about this app, is that it appeals to everyone! Primary, secondary and older - students will start looking for new content to view. It is like being given the keys to Hogwarts for the weekend and you get to explore all of the different magical paintings!

This is the "Lite" version, however you can get easily get the pro version which allows for some online editorial and 'reskinning' of the app... if you like that sort of thing! Enjoy.


In this tutorial I link a simple image to a movie file that is on my iPad. The movie file was one I created using Explain Everything. If you want to learn how to do this, you can watch the demo here.