What will you be doing in 2013? A look back at the apps that were catching your eye this year

With every New Year, people set challenges and resolutions for themselves, some are quickly broken and others are life changing! Looking back at what you were interested in on here, here is a quick and easy guide to the apps that caught your attention this year and links to their demos! (Simply click on each logo to be directed to their demo!)


Create and Present

The most popular apps that featured on this site focussed on your need to create and present content. This apps can be used by any teacher, regardless of subject. By far the most popular of these (and some would say an indication of what teachers are looking to do in the New Year) was iBooks Author, this is a fantastic app for those with a Mac, to create the most interactive books for iPad, iPod and iTouch devices. Second most popular in this category was Explain Everything, which puts your Interactive White Board into the palm of your hand. You can use it as your whiteboard and record lessons to be shared with students later or to be reused again. In third place, was Apple's Keynote app which allows you to create slick presentations on the go. Those without Mac's were also looking to create books on their iPads as our 4th most popular app in this category was Book Creator, allowing you to create those impressive books straight from your iPad to be shared with your students.


To get the video tutorial for each of these simply click on each of the respective app logos. 

iBooks AuthorExplain EverythingKeynoteBook Creator







Irish Apps

An interesting trend to see this year was that apps/demos that followed the Irish curriculum were picked up, not only by our Irish viewers but quite strongly by American colleges and high schools. Shakespeare in Bits, which is a fantastic and well-valued app, tops the list of Irish apps that you were looking at. Second place, goes to not an App but a series of Books from NUI Galway. The books which were launched this year, show how by using iBooks Author teachers can create their own content in an engaging and informative way. These books proved quite popular, particularly with our American visitors! Thirdly was our recent demo of Mocks.ie, which proved very popular considering how recent this demo has been and the time of year! We can expect this app to gain in popularity again over the coming few months!


Click on each image to be directed to their video demo:







A recent addition that we added to our demos was that of the inbuilt accessibility features of the iPad as well as review Special Education apps. These inbuilt features are useful for everyone, as shown by using the Speech selection feature to get your iPad to help with your learning/teaching of languages. In 2013, we will be adding more of these types of demos to show you how to make the most of your iPad and to customise it to get it to help your own individual learning styles.


Speech Selection 

Now WhatAssistive Touch






Finally, here are a couple of predictions for what will be hot for 2013! Teachers will continue to look for apps that allow them to create and present in more effective, engaging and (dare we say it) entertaining ways. Apps that allow teachers to share files with students will become more popular (eg Dropbox, Box, Evernote).  Teachers may start using the likes of iTunes U, to become course managers and have their classes subscribed to by their students on their own devices. Needless to say, 2013 will be an exciting year for everyone involved, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Thomas Creighton.