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Kids Scramble Word Game Review - Submitted by Lucy Price @lucyyyprice

With bountiful educational apps to choose from, it’s a tedious task to find which one will be the best tools to recommend to your students. If you’re handling preschoolers, we suggest you look for word-image applications that will help build their vocabulary and enhance their language skills. Based on K12 Reader’s articles, “sight acquisition is an important building block in the construction of a child’s ability to read.”

One of the highly recommended apps for toddlers and preschoolers is the Kid Scramble Word Game. This application requires basic mobile teaching tools. Apart from the game, the Verizonwireless’ techie teacher checklist includes any mobile device (smartphone or tablet), Wi-Fi connection and a projector that can receive wireless data from your gadget.

What to expect from the word app

·It has three levels of mastery: Easy, Medium and Difficult

·An interactive spelling game with over 500 frequently used words in its database

·Colorful User Interface (UI) with attractive fonts and pictures

How it encourages learning

·Children can use the app independently. They can arrange and rearrange letters to form the correct word.

·The words are easily recognized by students and are appropriate to their learning level.

·It also uses unique sounds and pictures of items and animals such as “Ribbit” from a frog.

·Each level has an extensive word bank that keeps all the words they’ve guessed.  

·The app makes use of sight words (image to word connection) to develop the children’s reading and pronunciation skills.

· It has positive remarks when you complete a stage such as “Congratulations! You did it!” along with a clapping sound.

Using the app to learn read with correct pronunciation


Most of the words that were used in the application are present in a child’s verbal vocabulary. Associating it with images can help them learn words faster. When using it in the classroom, you can ask the whole class to answer the stages, instead of picking one student. But you have to remember the following:

· Choose a level that is appropriate to your students’ age, spelling and reading levels.

· To make it more engaging, ask each student a letter until they complete the word on the screen.

· Once the word is complete on the board, you can ask another student to repeat the term with correct enunciation and pronunciation.

· You can also ask each student to recite it one by one, in order for you to gauge who needs assistance.

There are other applications similar to the Kid Scramble Word Game. But, we highly recommend this application for language preschool teachers who wants assistance from digital tools. You can also recommend this app for parents, so their kids will be able to practice whilst at home. Remember, learning is a never ending process. Thus it's best to always be open to changes such as adapting to the mobile learning world.

Have you tried the app we just recommended? Do you have other applications that you want to share with our fellow teachers? Share them with us.



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