Get ready to drop everything...

Apple are unveiling the new iPhone and, while they are holding off from launching the new iPad for another event later in the year, it gives us an opportunity to see the new iOS 7 in operation. (iOS is the operating system that both iPad and iPhones work off)

Many are expecting the highlight of the event to be about a fingerprint sensor in the home button of the iPhone, and while this move will mean improved security (it will be interesting to see if this will have a huge impact on mobile phone theft!) The real star of the show, for me, will be Airdrop. User's will be able to share files with other supported devices (other iPads or Mac computers running OS X 10.7 or later) simply by selecting the user and 'dropping' the file. There is no requirement for any configuration or even a Wifi network. (Imagine students being able to hand up their homework files from their iPad without a simple click.) 


Many of the inbuilt apps are getting a makeover, and will look cleaner and brighter. 

The Search feature will be accessed by pulling down with one finger from the Home screen. While the Multitasking bar is replaced by giving you a preview of your previously opened apps and screens. 

A Control Center - accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen - gives you quick control over the things you do every day, making them easier and faster to do. 

iCloud Keychain - Lots of things you do on the web require passwords. Now iCloud can remember your account names, passwords, and credit card numbers for you. And Safari will enter them automatically whenever you need to sign in to a site or shop online. It works on all your approved iOS 7 devices and Mac computers running OS X Mavericks. And with 256-bit AES encryption, it’s highly secure. With your information encrypted, it cannot be read by Apple.