Rabblebrowser - Curate what your class sees on the internet

RabbleBrowser - Float Mobile Learning


If you ever needed to show a room full of people a website or document, this is one way to do it. It allows one user to act as a host and facilitate and guide their audience through a website.


Create a session with your class (everyone must be on the same wifi network) and as you navigate the web their browser will update to see what you see. Your movements (like Zoom) are also mimicked so you can keep focus!


You can chat using a forum type setting and also send private messages. You can lock your students to a view only function so that they cannot disconnect or check out other links. 


Also when setting up your session there is an option to allow for voting. This allows everyone on the session to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to what they are viewing. Students can send documents from their own device to the teacher to share with the rest of the class if needs be.