Countdown to exams

The countdown to Exam time has well and truly begun so here is a list of some useful websites and apps to help you get the most from your time. 

Practice makes perfect? is a website, that also has a very useful app. (Watch the TME demo here) On this you can view mock papers, revision notes, information about orals, career guidance as well as some discounts. While there are elements of this app and service that you do need to pay for, there are plenty of free materials to help get you started. You can access both Junior Cert and Leaving Cert past papers, listen to Aural Exams, Test yourself with Multiple Choice Questions as use the Timetable and Study planner to get you off to a great start with your study plans!

This is an Irish Company focussing specifically at the Irish Curriculum.


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Clevernotes is a Folens company, with a long history in providing educational content. This website gives you access to engaging interactive content, exam preparation tips and is focussed on the Irish Curriculum. Contributors to the notes include Irish textbook authors, experienced teachers, examiners and subject matter experts. 

If maths has been you weak area, then this fantastic site may be all you need to improve! Covering all 5 strands of Project Maths, including ordinary level and higher level. With interactive exercises, video lessons and online support all designed to help you ace your maths exams.

Regardless of what topic or level you are learning, puts some powerful tools at your disposal to help you improve your study. You can use features like Mind maps, flash cards and what I really love about this site is that you can share study notes, so that you can collaborate on your study! Learn more here 


Click to go to App DemoOne of our favourite apps on is Shakespeare in Bits. (Click on the icon to the left to be brought to the demo). Not only can you get your Shakespeare plays here, the app is rich in features that make studying and understanding the text, so much easier. Study notes are provided for each scene along with key themes, language, and imagery. You can take your own notes in the app itself, or just look at the character maps!




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Poetry Beo - is for Leaving Cert Irish Poetry Study.  Includes texts, subtitled video and audio recorded performances, study notes, quick revision memos, sample questions, a game, and English translations of the meanings. Ideal for the oral as well as written exams.





One of the most popular mind maps out there, and it is easy to see why, is Popplet. (Click on the icon to the left to be brought to the demo).  Popplet's super simple interface allows you to move at the speed of your thoughts. With Popplet you can capture your ideas, sort them visually, and collaborate with others in realtime. Quickly and easily! You can also sign-up for an online account to work on your popplets in any Flash-enabled web browser.



Also in the Mind map genre of apps is iThoughtsHD, allowing you to sort your ideas and notes. You can export your map as an email, so creating a logical flow to your information becomes easier. This type of app really supports different learning styles and can be very useful to allow you to plan out how you will write essays etc.



If you are still struggling and feel you need the benefit of some grinds, check out Grinds are delivered by teachers, in the comfort of your own home and are very reasonably priced. 




Click on logoFinally, for some tips on how to avoid stress and develop some good study habits. Check out for some excellent practical tips. 




Good Luck!