Quizzem - The Junior Cert Biology Game


A multiplayer quiz game designed to help you remember all the information required for the Junior Cert Biology exam. Play with family or friends!


The game is made for 2, 3 or 4 players and it's main goal is to encourage fun, co-operative learning, improve literacy and numeracy skills alongside improving exam results. It also provides a way for parents to get involved in their child's learning. They can support them at home just by playing the game. 

Wikilinks... Visual Maps of Wikipedia



A visual and engaging way to use Wikipedia and related content.
Presenting your search and it's links as a mind map, this is one for fans of Wikipedia. It has some great features built in to allow a user to modify Font size, backgrounds and themes. So students with dyslexia and/or visual impairments can change the colour of themes to suit their needs. 
From the app itself you can download content to view offline, watch related youtube clips, as well as scan the photgraphs attached to the related Wikipedia links. 



Speaking in tongues? Voice translator





This Voice translator app does exactly as it describes. You can speak directly into your iPad and have it translate into a variety of languages. It does rely on understanding what you have to say, so if this becomes and issue you can type what you want it to translate and it will work for you. 


Useful for Language teachers, students or just for that weekend break away!


Speed up your iPad and Reduce Motion





iOS7 has increased the amount of animation involved in opening up apps. Once you click on an app, it automatically Zooms up to begin. Added to this is the Parallax effect behind the icons on the home page which make the icons appear to float as your device is tilted. 
With this quick and easy tutorial you can turn off these animations to save time between apps and increase your productivity.



Annotate on your live camera feed... Stage













One of the most powerful uses of your iPad in any classroom is the camera. It is a mobile visualiser and is, quite, probably the app I use the most in any class. So what if you could combine the power of an interactive whiteboard with the camera? Well Stage delivers just that. You can annotate on top of your live camera feed, and like most whiteboard apps you can record your class as a movie. (The movie file automatically gets saved to your camera roll) 

As Stage is an interactive Whiteboard app, it also allows other backgrounds from a standard whiteboard and with an in-app purchase you can include Maps, Sheet Music, Graph Paper and ruled Paper. 


Videos are saved at the following resolutions:
• Low: 320x240
• Med: 640x640
• High: 1280x720
The file size depends on the dimensions and length of your video.
• Low(~3.2MB per minute)
• Medium (~26MB per minute)
• High (~170MB per minute)
Depending on the remaining storage capacity of your device, you may be able to save videos as long as 120 minutes. But I'd recommend keeping your videos short to keep them manageable. Keep in mind that video sharing sites, like YouTube, generally limit video lengths. Also, long videos will take a long time to save, export, and send.