Super 7 - making math fun!

Super 7 - No Monkeys

Super 7 is a game in which you connect digits to make up the number 7. Go over 7 and the game is lost. It sounds easy enough, but can you keep up when negative numbers, multipliers and division is thrown in? It may sound like it is only suitable for primary school, however, people of all ages have fun with this addictive game.



Seven in Math

  • Seven has the highest probability of occurring as an addition when rolling dice.
  • The number seven is the fourth prime number as also a Mersenne prime, the first Woodall prime, the fourth factorial prime, the second lucky and the second safe prime.
  • Seven is the only number below 15 that cannot be represented as a sum of the squares of three integers. 


Interesting Facts

  • There are seven wonders of the ancient world.
  • There are seven continents in the world.
  • There are seven colors of the rainbow. Their names are famously abbreviated as 'vibgyor'.
  • There are seven days in a week.
  • One of the most interesting facts about the number seven is its correlation with the cognitive abilities of a human being. The limits of human cognitive capacity lie within the range of 7 plus or a minus 2.
  • There are seven basic musical notes, namely, 'do', 're', 'me', 'fa', 'so', 'la' and 'te'. In Indian music they are 'sa', 're', 'ga', 'ma', 'pa', 'dha' and 'ni'.

Seven in Science and Technology

  • A ladybug commonly has seven spots!
  • Most of the mammals' necks have seven bones.
  • The number of rows in the periodic table is seven.
  • The neutral pH value that lies between acidity and alkalinity is seven.
  • Digital devices use a seven-segment display.
  • The OSI model has seven layers.