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One of the most powerful uses of your iPad in any classroom is the camera. It is a mobile visualiser and is, quite, probably the app I use the most in any class. So what if you could combine the power of an interactive whiteboard with the camera? Well Stage delivers just that. You can annotate on top of your live camera feed, and like most whiteboard apps you can record your class as a movie. (The movie file automatically gets saved to your camera roll) 

As Stage is an interactive Whiteboard app, it also allows other backgrounds from a standard whiteboard and with an in-app purchase you can include Maps, Sheet Music, Graph Paper and ruled Paper. 


Videos are saved at the following resolutions:
• Low: 320x240
• Med: 640x640
• High: 1280x720
The file size depends on the dimensions and length of your video.
• Low(~3.2MB per minute)
• Medium (~26MB per minute)
• High (~170MB per minute)
Depending on the remaining storage capacity of your device, you may be able to save videos as long as 120 minutes. But I'd recommend keeping your videos short to keep them manageable. Keep in mind that video sharing sites, like YouTube, generally limit video lengths. Also, long videos will take a long time to save, export, and send.