You can count on this to keep score!

TallyPad - Daniel Friedlander


 At some stage in your life you are going to need to keep track of scores or multiple things at once. Whether it's keeping score in a quiz, a match, counting up loose change, surveys, voting and informal elections or tracking calories.


TallyPad is a fully customizable counter for iPad or iPhone. With so many areas in the app that can be changed, to suit your needs, its uses are only limited by your imagination. It came to my attention from a PE teacher who was using it to examine a rugby team and how many times different things occured throughout their games. He was able to quickly present their stats to them at half time, which made them focus more in the second half of the match. 

 Not only can you customise what you are counting, you can give different values to different motions within the app so a vertical swipe may add 10 points to a score, while a horizontal swipe may take away 10. You get to choose the values. TallyPad implements AV Out and AirPlay Mirroring with AppleTV. You can display your tallies on an external screen! This is great for keeping score at sporting events, family game night, or displaying items on a television in the classroom, and it all looks very slick!

Because TallyPad saves all your custom-named tallies, you can keep track of a virtually unlimited number of tallies and come back to them later.