Autism Awareness Month

The month of April is Autism Awareness Month. This month is all about challenging ignorance, prejudice, fear, and hysteria about autism and autistic people. Autism Acceptance Month helps to spread the word that autism is both a neurological disability and a natural part of human diversity. Autistic people are valuable members of our society and should be treated with respect. The good news is that to celebrate this month many Apps are free. The question is always which App is best? Apps are as diverse as the users who download them, so this is a perfect opportunity to try out apps and see if they suit your particular needs. 


Below are a list of apps that may appeal. Please feel free to share your favourite on the wall below!

All of the following Apps are FREE. Click on the picture to be brought directly to the app store.

Behaviour BreakthroughsMy Autism DayAutism Activity RoutinesAutism Tracker Lite: Track, analyze and share ASD dailyAutism iHelp – Colors







ABA – Problem Solving – What does not belong?

Autism iHelp – Language ConceptsABA Flash Cards – AnimalsAutism iHelp – SortingAutism Emotion







Picture Card Maker - For Communication and More!Autism iHelp – WH QuestionsTapToTalk™Autism Apps








For a list of even more apps based on Bloom's Taxonomy, click here. (Developed by Mark Coppin)


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