New Facebook android. Do you Like it?

Facebook have announced their new service on Android phones called "Home". Essentially shying away from creating their very own phone, the new Facebook phone app once downloaded will be able to send you updates from your Facebook account, regardless of whatever app you may be working in. 

If a user decides to download Facebook home onto their phone from April 12th, the Facebook app essentially becomes the Hub for the phone. Facebook becomes integrated on all levels of using the phone. 

Home won't just be tied to a single device or a single manufacturer. Facebook will offer Home as a download in Google's Play store to select devices -- including Samsung's Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4, and the HTC One X. The plan is to update the app every single month, not only adding more features, but also support for more devices.

What will this mean for you? As many classrooms consider BYOD (Bring your own device) could this be more of a headache or what advantages do you see in this? Share your thoughts on the wall below.

Official Promo Video for Facbook Home


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