Everybody walk the dinosaur


"Open the door, Get on the Floor, Everybody walk the Dinosaur..." You know how the song goes! This app isn't about 80's nostalgia but it does allow you to go back in time and explore the globe in it's Proterozoic, Jurassic, Triassic and modern day states - with over 500 species to discover.


The app is beautifully animated, with billions of years covered. There's enough information in here to keep you entertained and informed for a while, and it also links you to further information through Wikipedia- on each of the species covered. 


There are more than just dinosaurs covered and it's fascinating to see the evolution of the planet and it's continents over the years. 

Become a music maestro



This wonderfully colourful app will turn any user into a music maestro in a matter of minutes. 


Choose from Piano, Guitar or Strings - or alternatively use in app purchases to work with Drums, Bass Guitar and a choice of 2 synth instruments.

The app was designed to play major chords, using three fingers on each hand. (Worth noting that if you have Zoom features enabled on your iPad for accessibility requirements this can cause conflict with the functions of three finger chords!)


Once you have completed your next symphony you can share with friends using email (formatted into .m4v which means you can use it in Garageband and other music apps) or share on social networks including Soundcloud.

The colour patterns appeal visually and have an almost soothing effect when using this app, which is why I think it may also appeal to students with special need requirements.


Frog Dissection without the mess

It's pretty obvious from the title what this app is about, but there is a lot more to 'Frog Dissection'. With impressive 3D graphics, videos and other nuggets of fun - this app has loads to offer on our green friends. Learn the differences between Frogs and Toads, compare how Frogs differ to Humans and when you are finsihed exploring the information, perhaps, you could do as the title suggest and discover the inner workings of the frog.


The app obviously saves you from having to perform an actual dissection, but for the additional information and graphics it worth downloading!


Improve your general knowledge with GeoWalk

Discover some handpicked articles on Animals and Plants, History, People and Inventions. This intuitive and informative app, is packed full of interesting articles on over 500 subjects. Test your general knowledge with the built in Quiz, or just let your fingers do the exploring through flash cards or throughout the globe. 



Content is downloaded with the app, so no internet connection is required to enjoy the app once it is downloaded. 

Change the language of your calendars













I posted this to my Twitter during the weekend, but for those who haven't joined Twitter or who are not following me here it is. Remember the changes you make here will reflect in any app that utilises your Calendar (which is quite a lot!) Very useful for Gaeilgeoirs and Language teacher alike. Click on the image below to enlarge it and feel free to share with other.


Learn with Homer


A fun educational app for Primary and Pre Primary students. Discover animals at the zoo, mammals, birds and other exciting tours. Create, draw and record messages in a Playhouse. As well as discovering stories, poetry and nursery rhymes.
With options to have these read to you or read along, there is something to discover and enjoy for everyone in this nice app!


Colourful and engaging!


GamePress - Create your own Games for the iPad




Have you ever wanted to create your own games? The Gaming industry is huge so this is a great app that allows you to create games for your iPad, without the need to understand Coding or anything complex.
This brief tutorial will have you creating a game in minutes, and before long you will be able to recreate your favourite games similar to Angry Birds to Mario Bros. You can also download other peoples games and explore how they were created before you edit them yourself and tweek them to make the games that you want!
Before you know it, you will be as addicted to creating the games as you would be playing them!
Make use of GamePress to teach students about logic, engineering, maths and science. Or simply to put your kids pictures into the games!